Hormonal Birth Control

Birth control that really works - every night before we go to bed we spend an hour with our kids - Roseanne Barr

Hormonal Birth Control

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Hormonal Birth Control Side Effects: How the Pill Can Wreak Havoc on your Mood

The past year and a half has been one of the most difficult times of my life. I graduated college, succeeded in getting a job in my field, moved in with my amazing boyfriend, made new friends and started preparing for a stable future while also enjoying the here and now. “So what’s been so difficult?” you ask. I also started using hormonal birth control.

Birth control has done amazing things for women across the world, giving them control over their bodies and reproductive rights. Since their conception, hormonal oral contraceptive pills have been among the most popular ways for women to avoid becoming pregnant. They’ve even helped some women deal with uncomfortable, even debilitating,…

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 Hormonal Birth Control Side Effects: How the Pill Can Wreak Havoc on your Mood

Like any medication, hormonal birth control (pills, patches, rings and shots) comes with certain health risks.

6 Worst Dangers of Hormonal Birth Control (& 6 Healthier Alternatives)

Different forms of hormonal birth control all have the same objective, while differing slightly in side effects and benefits.

7 Awesome Benefits of Birth Control

You already know that birth control offers ridiculously reliable protection against unplanned pregnancies—assuming you're using it correctly, that is. But BC actually has a lot of other amazing social and lifestyle benefits, too.


https://www.nurx.com/birthcontrol/ Nurx offers 50+ birth control formulas, and our medical providers will help you find the right one for your body and your lifestyle.

Going off the Pill

Dedicated to providing accurate information about hormonal birth control, transitioning to alternative methods, and the associated risks of both.

Womens Aid Center

Whether administered as a pill, shot, ring or implant, hormone medications contain manufactured forms of the hormones estrogen and/or progesterone. Hormonal methods work in one of three ways: 1) preventing a woman’s ovaries from releasing an egg each month; 2) causing the cervical mucus to thicken making it harder for sperm to reach and penetrate the egg; 3) thinning the lining of the uterus which reduces the likelihood that a fertilized egg will implant in the uterus wall. Hormonal contraceptives do NOT protect against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.


Hormonal methods of birth control contain estrogen and progestin, or progestin only, and are a safe and reliable way to prevent pregnancy for most women. There are several ways that the hormone(s) can be delivered...

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