Did you ever notice that everyone in favour of birth control has already been born - Benny Hill


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Women are turning to birth control smartphone apps for a reason

Amid the targeted ads in my social media feeds, a war is playing out: two apps aggressively vie for my attention, stalking me from the sidebars of my browser and comprising every third photo in my Instagram feed – one offering to track my ovulation and get me pregnant, the other offering to do the same, but promising I won’t find myself in the family way.

The latter seems to be winning the war, with quirky gifs and videos showing young women waking up and gleefully taking their temperature, inputting digits into their colourful app, and being told they can throw barrier contraception to the wind that day. It’s sold as being hyper-scientific, with the founders and developers formerly…

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 Women are turning to birth control smartphone apps for a reason

Contraception technology isn’t foolproof, but doctors must realise why we find the idea so appealing.

7 Birth Control Apps & Websites That Can Help Make It More Affordable

If you don't have insurance, you live far away from your doctor or Planned Parenthood, or you want to keep your reproductive health private and you need access to affordable birth control, these apps and websites can help.

Natural Cycles

Understanding the complexities of ovulation cycles is hard enough. Thankfully, Natural Cycles aims to make the monitoring process a whole lot less stressful. By logging just a few vital signs, the app’s powerful algorithm can help predict crucial fertility windows...


Take charge of your cycle with Ava—the only method to track 5 physiological signals of fertility.


Helping people all around the world benefit from insights into female health.


CycleBeads® is a scientifically proven way to plan or prevent pregnancy by simply tracking the start dates of your period. It's over 95% effective as shown in efficacy trials and used by millions of women around the world.


Flo is aiming to become more than just an app, with a hub covering all aspects of female health - WSJ


Our mission is to provide you with information and insights about your body and your health, whether you're trying to conceive or not. And if, or when, you're ready for pregnancy, our mission will be to bring that experience to you as early as possible.


Our mission is to offer women the tools, knowledge, and support to understand how their fertility works, take ownership of their reproductive health, and meet their fertility goals.


Expert, convenient, and compassionate care wherever you are, whenever you need it. Welcome to Maven, the only virtual clinic dedicated to women’s and family health.


The Nurx app is the most convenient and affordable way to take care of your everyday healthcare needs. We prescribe and deliver birth control (50+ brands), PrEP for HIV prevention (along with home testing), emergency contraception, and home STI and HPV testing.

Ovia Health

We help women and families navigate their most important moments with personalized and data-driven solutions for fertility, pregnancy, and parenting.

Period Tracker

The beautifully designed app comes complete with features like syncing your tracker to your calendar, creating bar graphs of your moods and fertility, and offering a forum for women to chat about all things feminine hygiene. To top it off, users find this to be incredibly useful information to share with their doctors - Norah Murphy

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