It's a medical issue. It's a moral issue. It's a political issue. It's a women's issue. It's a human issue. Whatever ambiguities persist around the pill in its various forms, it's time to start facing them honestly - Karen Swallow Prior


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How Did The Contraceptive Pill Transform Society?

If you thought about the most significant inventions of the 20th century, you might consider the television, the internet or the microchip, but few inventions have changed society to the same extent as the contraceptive pill. The pill is one of the most popular types of contraception used today - over 3.5 million women in the UK now take it every day. It’s fair to say that this inconspicuous little tablet has caused great controversy and changed history. But just how profound has its impact really been?

In the 1950’s, there was no such thing as “the pill” and there was no simple, or legal, solution for birth control. Margaret…

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