Abortion Access

Access to safe and legal abortion is a matter of human rights, and its availability is the best way to protect autonomy and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity - Human Rights Watch

Abortion Access

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Abortion Access

We can’t know other people’s circumstances, and we shouldn’t make their decisions for them. Abortion should remain legal, and those who so desire should be able to access safe abortion care in their communities. All people need access to the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare services including comprehensive sex education, contraception, maternity care, pre-natal care, and abortion.

Young people are disproportionately affected by waiting periods and other restrictions because they are less likely to be able to afford to travel and take time off work or school to schedule an abortion. But a person’s income and other circumstances should not limit their pregnancy options.

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 Abortion Access

Young people have the right to abortion care, and are leading the fight to ensure everyone has access.

Abortion Access Front

Founded in 2015 under the name Lady Parts Justice League, Abortion Access Front is a team of comedians, activists, writers, and producers that uses humor to destigmatize abortion and expose the extremist anti-choice forces working to destroy access to reproductive rights in all 50 states.

Abortion Finder

AbortionFinder.org features the most comprehensive directory of trusted (and verified) abortion service providers and assistance resources in the United States.

Abortion On Our Own Terms

With self-managed medication abortion, power over our reproductive lives and futures can be in our hands and on our own term

Abortion Out Loud

Abortion Out Loud, formerly the 1 in 3 Campaign, harnesses the power of storytelling, grassroots organizing, leadership development, and policy advocacy to end abortion stigma and strengthen support for young people's access to abortion. Activists leading the Abortion Out Loud project in their community host abortion speakouts, lead public education campaigns, and work with campus and local officials to strengthen young people's access to abortion services.

Reproductive Health Access Project

The Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) trains, supports, and mobilizes primary care clinicians to ensure equitable access to sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion. By centering communities most impacted by barriers to care, RHAP fills critical gaps in clinical education and care delivery.

Women Help Women

Women Help Women is an international activist non-profit organization working on access to abortion. We are feminist activists, trained counsellors, medical professionals, and researchers based across 4 continents who have a strong focus on supporting self-managed abortion, especially in places where abortion is restricted by laws, stigma and lack of access. Our projects include (a) a global telehealth service that provides information, support and abortion pills to women around the world and (b) partnerships with local feminist groups around the world to support increased access to abortion pills.

Youth Abortion Support Collective

Too many already face barriers to abortion care, including restrictions, travel, and cost. We all need to become experts on how to get an abortion and how to connect other folks to abortion care.

National Abortion Federation

The Hotline provides unbiased information about abortion, referrals to quality providers, and financial assistance. It’s free and offers services to everyone, regardless of their individual situation.

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