I don't think that anyone is for abortion in the sense that you hope people are going to have abortions. You hope in an ideal world that every pregnancy is a wanted pregnancy - Elizabeth May


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The Abortion Conversation We Need To Have

Abortion. We need to talk about it. I know, sometimes it seems as if we talk of little else, so perhaps I should say we need to talk about it differently. Not as something we all agree is a bad thing about which we shake our heads sadly and then debate its precise degree of badness, preening ourselves on our judiciousness and moral seriousness as we argue about this or that restriction on this or that kind of woman.

We need to talk about ending a pregnancy as a common, even normal, event in the reproductive lives of women — and not just modern American women either, but women throughout history and all over the world, from ancient Egypt to medieval Catholic Europe, from today’s sprawling…

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 The Abortion Conversation We Need To Have

Abortion. We need to talk about it. I know, sometimes it seems as if we talk of little else, so perhaps I should say we need to talk about it differently. Not as something we all agree is a bad thing about which we shake our heads sadly and then debate its precise degree of badness, preening ourselves on our judiciousness and moral seriousness as we argue about this or that restriction on this or that kind of woman.

10 facts that explain how America regulates abortion

The abortion rate has fallen steadily for years, decreasing nearly every year since 1981. In 2012, it was at the lowest level recorded since 1973, when the Supreme Court legalized abortion in its Roe v. Wade ruling.

6 myths about Roe v. Wade, debunked

If you support the criminalization of abortion, or believe that safe abortions should be available to affluent women but not to poor and rural women, you should be happy about the near certainty that Roe will be overruled or eviscerated. But whatever the nation’s contrarian pundits might tell you, if you support the reproductive rights of women, you should be appalled.

Aid Access

For many women, girls and trans men it can be impossible to secure a safe abortion. Aid Access supports women who cannot otherwise access an abortion and protects their human rights.


safe2choose is a social enterprise that is a part of an international movement for reproductive health and access to safe abortion. Our team includes multilingual counselors, medical doctors and experts in the field of public health and international development that work together to provide you with accurate information about safe abortion. We support and respect women to make their own decisions regarding their bodies and reproductive health.

Women Help Women

Contraception and abortion belong in women's hands! Women Help Women is a collaborative non-profit initiative.

Women on Waves

Women on Waves envisions a world where all people can decide about their bodies and lives and can access sexual health services/information including safe abortion services no matter where they live or what is their social economic status. Abortion is fundamentally about social and gender justice.

Women on Web

Women on Web is a digital community of women who have had abortions, medical doctors, researchers, and individuals and organizations that support abortion rights.

Abortion Procedures

What you need to know...


AbortionFinder.org features the most comprehensive directory of trusted (and verified) abortion service providers and assistance resources in the United States.


Are you against the abortion? Want to connect with an anti-abortion organization? Then join Abortion NO and say no to abortion with us!

After Abortion

Life after abortion: News, opinion, personal experience, resources.

National Abortion Federation

The mission of the National Abortion Federation is to ensure safe, legal, and accessible abortion care, which promotes health and justice for women.

National Network of Abortion Funds

The National Network of Abortion Funds works to make sure that all women and girls can get the abortions they seek. If you are a woman looking for help paying for an abortion, we are here today to help you get what you need. The local abortion funds in our organization help women pay for abortions they can’t otherwise afford.

Postabortion journey, walk with me...

A story of hope and healing after abortion.

Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project

WRRAP is a non-partisan, non-profit organization helping women gain access to safe, legal abortion services and emergency contraceptives. We work with pre-qualified, reputable reproductive health clinics across the U.S. on behalf of disadvantaged women in need.

American Life League

American Life League exists to serve God by helping to build a society that respects and protects individual innocent human beings from creation to death—without compromise, without exception, without apology. The distinguishing mark of American Life League, by which we will be recognized, is our absolute commitment to the sacredness of every innocent human being's life.

Americans United for Life

A nonprofit, public-interest law and policy organization whose vision is a nation in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law.

Human Coalition

Human Coalition rescues innocent preborn children and their families from abortion through compassion, grace, technology, and extended care.

Life Dynamics

As an anti-abortion pro-life organization, we fight to change the abortion picture - to end legal abortion and return the right to life to unborn babies from the moment of conception. Our motto is, "Pro-Life: without compromise, without exception, without apology."

March for Life

January 22, 1973 is ingrained in the minds of pro-lifers because on that infamous historic day the Supreme Court invalidated 50 state laws and made abortion legal and available on demand throughout the United States in the now-infamous decisions in Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton. The March for Life in Washington, D.C., began as a small demonstration and rapidly grew to be the largest pro-life event in the world. The peaceful demonstration that has followed on this somber anniversary every year since 1973 is a witness to the truth concerning the greatest human rights violation of our time, legalized abortion on demand.

NARAL Pro-Choice America

NARAL Pro-Choice America has been fighting to protect reproductive freedom, ensuring that women - and not politicians - make personal, private decisions about their reproductive health

National Right to Life

Through education and legislation, National Right to Life is working to restore legal protection to the most defenseless members of our society who are threatened by abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.


NOW is the largest, most comprehensive feminist advocacy group in the U.S. We take action to bring women into full participation in society -- sharing equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities with men, while living free from discrimination.

Operation Rescue

Operation Rescue® is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation. Operation Rescue® recently made headlines when it bought and closed an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas and has become perhaps the most visible voice of the pro-life activist movement in America.

Planned Parenthood

If you are pregnant, you have options. If you are trying to decide if abortion is the right choice for you, you probably have many things to think about. Learning the facts about abortion may help you in making your decision. You may also want to learn more about parenting and adoption.

Pro-Life Action League

The Pro-Life Action League was founded by Joseph M. Scheidler in 1980 with the aim of saving unborn children through non-violent direct action. We are doing all we can to stop the killing and the exploitation.

Huff Post

Comprehensive resource on latest news and opinions.

Our Bodies Ourselves

Our Bodies Ourselves is a public interest women's health education and advocacy organization and author of the essential book "Our Bodies, Ourselves."


Rewire.News is an award-winning, nonprofit daily online publication devoted to evidence-based reporting on reproductive and sexual health, rights, and justice, and the intersections of racial, environmental, immigration, and economic justice.


Teenbreaks.com is designed to give you up-to-date and accurate information on abortion, pregnancy, and other issues.

Teens for Life

Abortion is one of the most controversial social issues in the world today because it involves the taking of an unborn child’s life. Wherever you go, you’ll find people with a variety of thoughts on abortion. Some think abortion should be available for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy. Some think that abortion should only be available for a limited number of reasons. Still others like to avoid the subject altogether because it is controversial or brings up painful memories.

U.S. News & World Report

Latest News on Abortion.

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