Artificial Pancreas (Closed Loop)

Ultimately, though, even if artificial pancreas technology evolves to the point of full automation, it's still a machine. It can break. And it's not a cure - Miriam E Tucker

Artificial Pancreas (Closed Loop)
Artificial Pancreas (Closed Loop)

image by: Diabetes Canada - Timmins & District

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This Diabetes Activist Hacked Her Medical Device and Made an Artificial Pancreas

Algorithms are boring until your life depends on them. People with Type 1 diabetes use algorithms all day long. They perform mental calculations to manage their blood-sugar levels, which are measured by hand with a finger prick, or with a wearable sensor that fits under the skin. If they stray too far from baseline, the consequences can range from exhaustion and depression, to coma and death.

Usually when humans are doing something for which a computer would be much superior, such as performing calculations, a company will jump in and automate it. Algorithms for managing diabetes are no different. Any competent programmer with access to either long-term or real-time glucose and insulin…

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 This Diabetes Activist Hacked Her Medical Device and Made an Artificial Pancreas

Basically, she taught the pump to read her CGM and respond automatically. When the monitor and the pump work together, they become what Lewis has dubbed the Artificial Pancreas System (#OpenAPS). She calls it "closing the loop."


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Initially, this DIY movement included only a few users who were developing and sharing programs to manage their CGM and insulin pumps independently. Since then, several open source platforms have been developed to allow T1DM patients to build artificial pancreas technology without regulatory approval, and the number of DIY closed-loop users has been growing steadily alongside several thousands of patients using commercial closed-loop systems - Sun Joon Moon

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