Although achalasia presents with typical symptoms such as dysphagia, regurgitation, weight loss, and atypical chest pain, the time until first diagnosis often takes years - S. Niebisch


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My Esophagus is Dead: Dealing With Achalasia

I first discovered a problem in my esophagus during an intense workout a few years ago. As I chugged ice water, the liquid rolled halfway down my throat and then abruptly returned to the floor in front of me. I’d been experiencing minor regurgitation problems, but this made me realize the seriousness of my issue. I scheduled an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

As a speech-language pathologist who often works with dysphagia patients, I find my diagnosis of achalasia ironic. Achalasia destroys the motor nerves in the esophagus. The lower esophageal sphincter fails to open properly to allow the bolus to pass into the stomach comfortably, often leading to regurgitation. This autoimmune…

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 My Esophagus is Dead: Dealing With Achalasia

If a patient does have achalasia and dilation of the esophagus doesn’t help, different types of surgery exist. I chose laparoscopic heller myotomy with fundoplication, where they cut away the lower esophageal sphincter to “open the drain” to the stomach and perform a small wrap of the top of the stomach to reduce the side effect of acid reflux, which would otherwise have an unfettered path back up the esophagus.

Achalasia Awareness

Our goal is to motivate patients, friends, family and the medical community to join in advocacy and the raising of awareness via press, education, events and fundraisers in hopes of finding the causation and cure of Achalasia, a rare autoimmune disease.

Achalasia Action

Our ultimate directive is to provide help and support within a friendly and well informed community to those with Achalasia and oesophageal motility and peristalsis problems. We endeavour to proactively encourage and track research into treatments that may help the condition, whilst providing a one-stop information resource to both patients and medical workers alike.

Martin Mueller IV Achalasia Awareness Foundation

At MMIVAAF, we strive to connect patients and families to support each other through the emotional journey that is Achalasia. We are dedicated to raising awareness for this disease and endeavor to provide members with the most up-to-date information and interactions with professionals in the field of medicine.

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