You can’t eat your way to beta-carotene toxicity, even if you are Bugs Bunny - Hank Schultz


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Keep eating your carrots despite beta-carotene study

A study released last week found that too much beta-carotene might be bad for you. Should we be surprised? I mean, too much of anything can be bad for you, right?

Beta-carotene is the vitamin A precursor and most familiar member of the carotenoid family that’s found in carrots and many other foods. Beta-carotene when ingested gives rise in the body to vitamin A (retinoic acid), which activates hundreds of genes and is critical for eye and skin health, metabolism and immune function. The vitamin A added to foods and supplements is usually a synthesized form of this end product. But the researchers found beta-carotene can give rise to other compounds, too, and not all of them are helpful.


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Last Updated : Friday, October 9, 2020