So next time you think of popping a supplement, remember that right now you have no way of knowing for sure what's really in your supplement bottle - Julia Belluz


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No Government Oversight of Dietary Supplements? Enter LabDoor

Blind faith in anything, Bruce Springsteen once said, will get you killed. Whether that is literally true, the Boss was simply pointing out the obvious: being informed is a hell of a lot safer than living in ignorance. It will help you make healthier choices. Clearly, that goes for what you put into your body.

But when it comes to dietary supplements, for the last two decades we've been pretty much on our own. Prior to then dietary supplements were subject to the same regulatory control by the Food & Drug Administration as any other food product. But in 1994 the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) left it up to manufacturers…

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