Carb Supplements

Should you take a carb supplement? Yes. if you’re an endurance athlete. Yes. if you’re trying to gain strength and meet your macronutrient goals - Walter Hinchman

Carb Supplements

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The Ultimate Guide To Carbohydrate Supplements – Benefits, Uses, Side Effects

The problem with the majority of available carbohydrate supplements, is that their made with cheap ingredients, offering suboptimal nutritional value. Supplements like maltodextrin, dextrose, and cluster dextrin are manufactured with genetically modified corn starch, resulting in a highly glycemic carbohydrate source, used for fast-acting energy.

Simple carbohydrates spike your insulin levels, which gives you a quick, yet short-lived boost of energy but can attribute to low blood sugar leaving you feeling tired, fatigued, and lethargic. Ever chugged a sugary energy drink, carb supplement, or eaten a snack before a workout or long run and find yourself gassed-out mid-way through your…

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