Why should there be any connection between a jellyfish protein and brain function - Joe Schwarcz


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Can A Jellyfish Protein Improve Your Memory?

Some colleagues of mine recently asked me about Prevagen, a supplement that is being advertised heavily on television as a memory booster. It's everywhere, they said–but what is it? And does it work?

First, a bit of background. Prevagen is made by Quincy Bioscience, which has been on the radar of both the FDA and the FTC for years. In 2017, the FTC sued Quincy for deceptive advertising, arguing that claims that Prevagen boosts memory are false, and that claims it can get into the brain are also false. Just a few months ago, a judge ruled that the case can proceed. Back in 2012, the FDA sent Quincy a letter stating that Prevagen appeared to be a drug, not a dietary supplement, meaning…

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