Sleep Study

Wearable technology, under-the-mattress sensors and touch-free devices will soon be as accurate as HSAT and supported by the same weight of evidence - Richard Rosenberg, PhD

Sleep Study

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Brain-monitoring headbands could track your sleep as well as a sleep lab

Your fancy sleep tracker is no match for a dedicated sleep lab. But who wants to spend 8 hours in a strange hospital room wired with electrodes while someone video records you all night? Now, several companies say they may have a compromise: high-tech sleep-monitoring headbands that combine brain wave–reading electrodes with sophisticated artificial intelligence. And best of all, they can be worn in your own bed.

The technology could make it easier to get accurate readings of someone’s sleep patterns at home, says Tristan Bekinschtein, a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom who was not involved with designing any of the devices. A prime benefit, he says,…

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