Sleep Aids

A well-spent day brings happy sleep - Leonardo da Vinci

Sleep Aids

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In Search of Forty Winks

It’s 2:49 A.M., more or less my bedtime, and I’m about to put on my Sleep Shepherd hat, a device designed to help the wearer go gentle into unconsciousness ($149.99). The hat is a stretchy black beanie, but where you might normally find a pompom there’s a plastic box the size of a Triscuit. If I were an alien, this would be the port through which I’d receive my instructions from the mother ship. The box has an on-off switch, and I’m going to turn it on so that the mechanism can commune with my head.

The hat measures activity in my cerebral cortex through three sensors sewn into the fabric—one covering each ear and a third handling the forehead. There are also built-in speakers that…

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 In Search of Forty Winks

Gizmos for a good night’s sleep.

12 Habits Of People Who Never Get Tired

To be a well-rested human being, you must fashion a routine that promotes energy throughout the day and sleepiness come sundown. This means acclimating to a proper bedtime, regulating your caffeine intake and maybe even investing in a few pairs of sleep socks. Check out the habits of well-rested people below, and start dreaming of better sleep.

4 Cannabis Sleep Aids Baby Boomers Should Know About

Sleep problems are the uninvited companion of the aging, and a growing number of Baby Boomers and older adults are trading their over-the-counter sleep aids for cannabis.

9 Things That Will Help You Fall Asleep

If you’ve ever had trouble getting to sleep, there’s a good chance you’ve dove down a late-night Google wormhole, searching for the best ways to fall asleep. The bad news is that a lot of these products that claim to help you fall, and stay, asleep don’t work too well, or aren’t based in the most up-to-date science.

These 6 products will ensure you sleep like a baby

Around one-third of us suffer from insomnia at some stage in our lives. Being unable to sleep can be crippling, but there are ways to improve your chances of rest.


Sleepio is the online programme clinically proven to help you overcome poor sleep.

Slumber Yard

Helping you find the best mattress. Unlike other review sites, the Slumber Yard team personally tests and assesses each sleep product on YouTube and our website through a series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments, with utmost commitment to honesty and authenticity. You’ll find our images and videos on every review, which is part of what makes the Slumber Yard the most trusted source of mattress and sleep accessory reviews on the internet.

Sleep Cycle

A bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase.

Sleep MD

If you suffer from occasional sleeplessness, you're not alone. That's why a trusted team of medical doctors has a drug-free sleep aid to help you tackle occasional sleeplessness.

SleepDeeper has a database of advice articles on bruxism and TMJ products. These articles cover such topics as bruxism in children, techniques of relieving stress, bruxism symptoms and causes, treatment of bruxism and many more. The articles are well-researched and meant to help users deal bruxism and TMJ disorders.


SleepKey is a small hand-held computer, that uses cognitive behavioral strategies in a self-help format to treat insomnia.

Sound Oasis

Our Sound Oasis® group is the world leader in sound therapy systems (otherwise known as “white noise” machines or sound machines). We are passionate about helping you sleep, relax, manage tinnitus or just enjoy more privacy.

Speed Sleep

Speed Sleep is a guided visualization using both voice and background music specifically designed to condition the response of deep sleep.

The Sleep Lady

There is a gentle, proven method to get a good night’s sleep for you and your child…

Adaptive Sound Technologies

This is the launching site of Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc's unique products that create auditory environments which improve peoples' working and living experiences and reduce the stresses caused by noise pollution.

Land and Sky

At Land and Sky, improving the Quality of Sleep means improving the Quality of Life. With over 35 years of experience in the innovation of quality of sleep products, and over 40 patents, Land and Sky has been recognized around the world as a leader in the industry and a leader in the technology of sleep.


Tips, tricks and how-tos for everything you need to know about sleep and rest.

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