To me, the biggest danger is you’re toying with this very fundamental part of your brain that’s keeping everything on schedule, It’s not something I’d want to mess with - Christopher Winter MD


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My 9-Year Love Affair With Melatonin

Falling asleep is hard work. After spending a day solving the complex puzzles of daily life, you are expected to lie down, turn off the lights, and quiet your whirring whirlwind of thoughts within a few minutes. In my early years, this process was fraught with frustration and despair: I would lie awake for hours, bored and desperate, staring at the ceiling, wondering why I couldn’t shut off my brain. I tried all the hippie methods—meditation, breathing exercises, even goddamn Sleepytime tea—but none of it eased me into slumber.

Then, around age 15, I discovered melatonin. I first spotted the drug on the shelf of a health food store—the kind that sells vegan dog food and horny goat…

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 My 9-Year Love Affair With Melatonin

Before you rush off to melatonin dreamland, a few caveats: The supplement is extremely safe in the short term, but its long-term effects are basically unknown. The usual dose—1 to 3 mg—can be multiplied exponentially with no apparent side effects.

National Sleep Foundation

For some people, melatonin seems to help improve sleep. However, when scientists conduct tests to compare melatonin as a "sleeping pill" to a placebo (sugar pill) most studies show no benefit of melatonin. Evidence that melatonin can reset the body clock is more well established, although it is not clear whether exposure to light may be more effective. Overall, research indicates improved sleep when melatonin is taken at the appropriate time for jet lag and shift work.

Melatonin: In Depth

Researchers have conducted many studies on whether melatonin supplements may help people with various sleep disorders. However, important questions remain about its usefulness, how much to take, when to take it, and its long-term safety.

12 best melatonin gummies

We're sharing the best brands out there for melatonin gummies. This list of the best melatonin gummies for sleep will provide ample options to help you choose the most favored one out there.

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