I don't want to return to the past. I don't yearn for when I was 18 years old. I was in high school then. I had acne. I had a terrible hairdo. I'm sure I was sporting polyester pants - Joe Scarborough


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How fashion is embracing the pimple positivity movement we desperately need

Airplane restrooms. Clothing store dressing rooms. The bathroom cabinet. As any skin-obsessive knows, these places have that perfect combination of uninterrupted mirror access and unflattering lighting necessary to inspect every (blocked) pore of your face. Crucially, each of them is also private. Because pimples are still, for the most part, a reality we try to reckon with in secrecy. We tend to them alone in our bedrooms. We apply creams and cover-up. We erase them with skin-smoothing app filters. And when they break out into public view we're at best annoyed (see: My So-Called Life episode "The Zit") and, at worst, dangerously depressed.

But things are changing. Thanks largely…

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