It doesn’t matter how long ago these things happened. This moment is no longer a hashtag; it’s the lancing of an infected wound - Erin Gloria Ryan


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The #MeToo Movement Shows It’s More Than Just a Hashtag

Forgetting a hashtag is even easier than retweeting a hashtag, and retweeting a hashtag is the least a person can do for a cause while still technically not doing nothing. So forgive my reluctant cynicism in initially worrying that the #MeToo movement, the social media push where women shared stories of sexual harassment, might be doomed to a similar fate of hundreds of forgotten social media pushes.

It’s not that the cause wasn’t worthy. Of course women deserve to live in a world where they feel encouraged to speak up against being mistreated on the basis of sex, and of course they deserve to be heard and believed. But the attention of the public zips from one cause célèbre to another…

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Last Updated : Tuesday, December 5, 2017