We are most alive when we're in love - John Updike


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How important is Vitamin L – Love for your Health?

L O V E is simple, isn’t it?

The only happiness in life is to love ♥ and to be loved ♥.

You love your family and your friends, and they love you back. You find a partner whom you love and who loves you too. And you don’t even have to try; it just happens. Love between people almost always has its complications, because people are complicated. Love can be tried and tested and stretched to its limits, right? Sometimes, we love the wrong person.

We can love too much, or not enough!

We can feel it but do not know how to show it!

We can think love is enough, when actually it isn’t!

We can struggle to find it, or be unsure if we have found it or not!


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 How important is Vitamin L – Love for your Health?

Love is the one ingredient that does not come from food. It’s the one elusive ingredient that many people forget about for great health and vitality.

5 Ways Love Is Good for Your Health

Research has shown that married couples enjoy greater longevity than singles — making “’til death do us part” even more of a commitment. Studies suggest those long-life benefits are largely explained by consistent social and emotional support, better adherence to medical care and having a partner who can hold you accountable to healthy lifestyle behaviors and steer you away from bad ones. Married couples have been found to have lower rates of substance abuse, lower blood pressure and less depression than single peers.

7 bizarre aphrodisiacs that helped our ancestors get in the mood

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5 Love Languages

Take the 5 Love Languages® official assessment to discover your love language and begin improving your relationships.

The Love Foundation

As truth can be found in all aspects of life, The Love Foundation is designed to be an open organization built on the universal recognition of unconditional love.

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