Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D may not be a wonder cure -- in the same way a standing desk is unlikely to make you thin or entirely fix your posture. Some problems don't have simple answers - D. Cooper

Vitamin D Supplements

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Expert Advice: The Dynamic Duo D3 + K2

D3 + K2 are a dynamic duo – here’s why you should take it...

While most people are familiar with the vitamin alphabet A through E, vitamin K is relatively unfamiliar. That’s largely because unlike these other vitamins, vitamin K isn’t typically used as a dietary supplement (but more on that in a minute). Touted for its coagulant properties, it’s needed by the liver to create an enzyme called thrombin, which helps the blood to clot.

Vitamin D3 is the same naturally-occurring vitamin you get from the sun. In northern climates, it can be tough to get enough. It’s important to the body in many other ways, from helping our nerves need it to carry messages from the brain to the…

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