Folate & Folic Acid

So it’s time to make folic acid supplements a part of history, and use only forms of naturally occurring folate when we use supplements - Jonathan V Wright MD

Folate & Folic Acid

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Nutrition Tips: Folic Acid: Killer or Cure-All?

Anyone trying to prevent heart disease and cancer is probably thoroughly confused by competing research and news reports about folic acid. In some studies it reduces the risk of cancer  and in others it seems to increase the risk. The media grab attention with scary headlines like the recent Prevention article "Is Your Breakfast Giving You Cancer," and the confused consumer of healthy food and vitamin supplements goes back to burgers and fries and throws their supplements in the trash.

Unfortunately, science is never black and white and confusion is easy to come by -- even for trained scientists. The fortification of our food supply with folic acid in 1998 reduced spina bifida…

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