Chromium picolinate

Chromium is not the fat-loss miracle that TV shows and Internet ads tout it to be. Stick to your diet, increase the intensity of your exercise, and you’ll get better results than any fat-loss pill could deliver - Dr. Mike Roussell

Chromium picolinate

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Chromium Supplements Appear Useless or Worse

You can buy plenty of chromium supplements down at the vitamin store – chromium picolinate has been a big item for many years now. That’s because the element has been suspected as an essential trace constituent of the human diet, particularly for carbohydrate metabolism.

Doubts have surface over the years, though. It’s actually quite hard to show that something is essential to the human diet, not least because (1) the experiments to prove this definitively would not be ethical to run and (2) even if you wanted to run them, getting ahold of enough food that’s absolutely free of Trace Nutrient X is no small task. The existing trace elements and vitamins were discovered under conditions…

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