Artificial Sweeteners

We have work to do on every single one of the artificial sweeteners, It’s ridiculous how understudied they are - Kimber Stanhope

Artificial Sweeteners

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Everything you never wanted to know about artificial sweeteners

There are a lot of myths about artificial sweeteners. The main one is that they’re actually better for you than regular sugar. Low-calorie sweeteners have been around for decades now, and we’re finally at a point where we’ve studied them enough to understand roughly how they work and what effect they have on our bodies...

A few recent studies suggest that consuming fake sugar actually trains your insulin response to store more fat, not less. Basically when you consume real sugar, your tastebuds send an alert to your pancreas that says, “Hey, calories are on the way! Prepare to produce insulin!”

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 Everything you never wanted to know about artificial sweeteners

Your diet soda might just be worse than a regular one.

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Must-Reads on HFCS, Sugar and Sweeteners

In terms of nutritional value, sugar and corn syrup are roughly equal in that they have basically no nutritional value. High fructose corn syrup, however, has been found to be contaminated with mercury and should probably be avoided. Two sweeteners, black strap molasses and date sugar (just powdered whole dates), do actually have significant nutritional value. Most artificial sweeteners have been linked to health problems, at least in rare cases. Stevia appears to be harmless as long as you don’t consume too much.

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