Added Sugars

People don’t realize how much added sugar is in their diet. We know some obvious culprits, but not the ones that are less obvious - Andrea Giancoli

Added Sugars

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Natural and Added Sugars: Two Sides of the Same Coin

It’s hard to find a more controversial topic than sugar, which is never far from the media’s attention. From the recent hype surrounding That Sugar Film to the continued demonizing of high fructose corn syrup, we can’t stop talking about sugar and how we’re likely eating too much of it.

In an effort to decrease sugar consumption, the FDA has recommended labeling foods with “added sugars.” To determine if this policy change is appropriate, we’ll look at what science has to say about sugar, examining natural and added sugars to see how they compare.

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 Natural and Added Sugars: Two Sides of the Same Coin

A potential alternative to the natural/added sugar labeling is traffic light labeling, popular in Europe and in limited use in the US. In this system, food and beverages are labeled by color, with green indicating the healthiest options, and yellow and red less healthy ones.

21 foods that have a shocking amount of sugar in them...

It's no secret that processed foods are brimming with the stuff but leading a healthy life, eating the right food groups and the right quantities unfortunately doesn't exempt you from digesting the stuff in large doses. Because sucrose is a carbohydrate found naturally in a host of different foods from lactose in milk to the fructose in fruit and honey, it's easy to mistake just how much you're really taking in.

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