Stop counting carbs. Don’t live in fear of fat. Start eating food that tastes better. We’ll all be skinnier, healthier and a whole lot happier - Mark Schatzker


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How Flavor Drives Nutrition

For nearly a half century, America has been on a witch hunt to find the ingredient that is making us fat. In the 1980s, the culprit was fat itself. Next it was carbs. Today, sugar is the enemy—unless you’re caught up in the war on gluten.

And none of it has worked. Obesity is now closing in on smoking as our No. 1 preventable cause of death. The U.S. has rarely failed at anything the way it has failed at weight loss.

Perhaps that is because we’re missing a crucial piece of the food puzzle. Oddly enough, all those diet gurus and bureaucrats hardly ever ask the simplest question: How does it taste? We’ve fixated on what food does inside…

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 How Flavor Drives Nutrition

For more than 50 years, our food has been getting blander—but the best diets turn out to also be delicious.

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Eating well is becoming more and more of a science, with new research showing us which foods may lower our risk of disease, and which are increasingly pointed to as the culprits behind ill health. Researchers are looking to better understand how nutrients work in our bodies, with studies that analyze at the diets of people with heart disease, cancer, and other diseases, along with research aimed at helping people to lose weight, or maintain weight loss.

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The purpose of AJCN is to publish original research studies relevant to human and clinical nutrition. Well-controlled clinical studies that describe scientific mechanisms, efficacy, and safety of dietary interventions in the context of disease prevention or a health benefit will be considered.

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Malnutrition, in any form, presents significant threats to human health. Undernutrition contributes to about one third of all child deaths. Growing rates of overweight and obesity worldwide are associated with a rise in chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The World Health Assembly has adopted a Comprehensive Implementation Plan to achieve six global nutrition targets through direct nutrition interventions and multisectoral actions in the food system, education and social protection: reducing low birth weight; stunting, wasting and overweight in children; and anaemia in women by 2025.

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