Dysautonomia involves disorders of the inner world or automatic functions of the body. As a result a person with dysautonomia often does not look sick on the outside but can be very unwell on the inside - The Dysautonomia Project


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5 Tips for the Newly Diagnosed Dysautonomia Patient

Dysautonomia has been a major part of my life... Those early days were scary. Even as a well educated woman, working in health care at the time, I felt alone and overwhelmed Not a experience I would wish to repeat or wish on anyone else.

Whilst, it is now easier to get clinical information about the various subtypes, diagnostic testing and treatments, it is still the information about what actually living with Dysautonomia is like, that is still lacking. And a quick scan around the forums tells me that many of my early experiences are still being repeated with patients all around the world.

So what do I wish someone had told me right back at the beginning? So many things come…

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