Infant Reflux

Some experts worry that GERD is being overdiagnosed in infants; others say it isn't being taken seriously enough - Melinda Beck

Infant Reflux

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Calling an Ordinary Health Problem a Disease Leads to Bigger Problems

As any parent knows, babies spit up. It’s gastroesophageal reflux, a pediatrician will explain — milk leaking backward from the stomach. When I was a pediatrics resident, my hospital constructed foam wedges for infants to sleep on. The thinking was that infants who were sleeping at an angle would be less likely to have milk come back up.

The wedges cost about $150. They didn’t work.

Wedges aren’t the only fix doctors have attempted. We’ve tried to construct special infant seats to prevent reflux. We’ve tried thickening foods. We’ve tried changing to special formulas. None of these things…

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