Neonatal Emergencies

The most common causes of severe illness include sepsis, ductal-dependent congenital heart disease, and metabolic disturbance - Brit Long

Neonatal Emergencies

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Neonatal Emergencies

Neonatal emergencies are not uncommon problems. They appear either at the time of birth, during the in-hospital post-birth period, or at home within several weeks of discharge. In all instances they present significant diagnostic and treatment challenges to the clinician, and must be taken seriously.

A classic pneumonic used by Neonatologists and Pediatric Emergency Physicians is “THE MISFITS.”

T-Trauma (nonaccidental and accidental)
H-Heart disease/Hypovolemia/Hypoxia
E-Endocrine (congenital adrenal hyperplasia, thyrotoxicosis)
M-Metabolic (electrolyte imbalance)
I-Inborn errors of metabolism (metabolic emergencies)

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