Gut Microbiome

The process of learning about our microbiome is in its early days, but even the most tentative results have begun to transform our understanding of human health - Michael Specter

Gut Microbiome

image by: Functional Medicine Group

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Engineering the Human Microbiome Shows Promise for Treating Disease

In the not too distant future each of us will be able to colonize our gut with genetically modified “smart” bacteria that detect and stamp out disease at the earliest possible moment. This scenario may sound like the premise for a sci-fi flick, but it is a very real possibility. Microbiome engineering holds great promise because of advances in the field of synthetic biology, which strives to create and rewire biological organisms so they perform desired tasks.

Synthetic biologists are attempting to turn bacterial cells into the biological equivalent of the silicon wafer. These principles have been primarily applied to organisms for biofuel production, but the resulting techniques…

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