Child Suicide

Most pediatricians know how to test for lead poisoning. They know how to tell you what percentile you are in height. They don’t know how to screen for suicidal ideation - Brad Hunstable

Child Suicide

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The Tragedy of Child Suicide

It may come as a surprise—and shock—to many that a child that young could even begin to contemplate ending his or her own life. And in fact, until relatively recently it was believed that children under the age of puberty simply “couldn’t” commit suicide, both because they had an incomplete understanding of the permanence of death and because young kids couldn’t be depressed in the way we think of depression...

Here’s what has emerged so far about what might trigger such youthful suicidal thoughts or actions, and how to be alert to the warning signs in your child. Both studies and clinical observation have found that certain events or situations can act as triggers for young children…

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