Psychiatry has known for quite some time that the ‘serotonin theory’ of depression, the notion that too little of the brain chemical can be a cause of depression, a decades-old hypothesis and deeply entrenched trope in society that helped promote a class of antidepressants... is wrong - Joel Paris MD


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In defence of antidepressants

The constant trashing of antidepressants has created an absurd situation. These drugs are the most rigorously scrutinised treatments for depression we have to date, yet they keep getting a bad press while ‘holistic’ approaches such as practising sports, yoga or salsa dancing, and consuming St John’s wort, Omega-3 fatty acids, soul food, daylight, Radiohead or J S Bach, perhaps even poppy extract and donkey’s milk, get a pass from everyone. Antidepressants don’t fix the sources of depression that can trigger the disease, they merely fix a biochemistry that makes some of us more vulnerable to stress and life in general. It is a truism that these drugs should be combined with life changes, and…

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  In defence of antidepressants

The backlash against antidepressants results from a suspicion of medicine, and misunderstands the very nature of depression.

Surviving Antidepressants

Peer support for tapering and withdrawal syndrome.

Mental Health America

Atypical antidepressants are antidepressants that don’t fall under any of the 4 main classes of antidepressants. They’re most often prescribed if you’ve tried other types of antidepressants, and they didn’t work for you. But they can also be used as a first-line treatment, depending on your symptoms and whether you are experiencing other mental health conditions in addition to depression.

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