Psychological Abuse

There’s no hard and fast definition of what qualifies as emotional abuse - Jenna Ryu

Psychological Abuse
Psychological Abuse

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7 Signs of Emotional Abuse That Aren’t So Obvious

In movies and TV shows, abusive relationships are typically characterized by physical violence or other blatant acts of aggression, like screaming or hurling insults. Those are common red flags, to be sure, but they’re not the only ones, and the warning signs aren’t always so obvious, particularly when it comes to emotional abuse. In fact, it’s pretty easy to miss subtly manipulative patterns like love bombing or insidious criticism, for example, which can quickly evolve into something more dangerous.

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  7 Signs of Emotional Abuse That Aren’t So Obvious

It doesn’t have to be loud or violent to “count.”

Overcoming Emotional Abuse

I'm good because I survived abuse myself twice That gave me a life mission to identify and fight abusive relationships. I don't want to see more women of any age to be subjected to this medieval torture of domestic abuse!


Psychological abuse involves the regular and deliberate use of a range of words and non-physical actions used with the purpose to manipulate, hurt, weaken or frighten a person mentally and emotionally; and/or distort, confuse or influence a person’s thoughts and actions within their everyday lives, changing their sense of self and harming their wellbeing.

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