Psychiatric Facilities

Mental hospitals are very misunderstood places. There is a certain stigma not only attached to being a patient in a mental hospital, but to the whole field of mental health to begin with - PsycheCentral

Psychiatric Facilities
Psychiatric Facilities

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Life in a Psychiatric Hospital

Growing up with cultural representations of psychiatric hospitals as soul-crushing, prisonlike institutions, my impression of such treatment centers was quite negative. Then I was a patient in one.

When I tell friends I was hospitalized for 19 days, they’re horrified. Generally their reaction has less to do with what they think might have landed me there than with the brutal conditions they assume I must have encountered inside. In their imaginations, I barely escaped without having my frontal lobe scooped out with a spatula.

This wasn’t my experience at all. Instead I found a supportive, nonjudgmental community made up of staff who quickly diagnosed my problem and fellow…

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 Life in a Psychiatric Hospital

Everything pop culture tells you about inpatient treatment is dangerously wrong. Growing up with cultural representations of psychiatric hospitals as soul-crushing, prisonlike institutions, my impression of such treatment centers was quite negative. Then I was a patient in one.

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Discharged From a Psychiatric Hospital

A while ago I was discharged from a psychiatric hospital. I was hospitalized for mania and psychosis. Of course it was a relief to go home, but it was also difficult re-adjusting to home life after 5 weeks in hospital. I knew this from previous hospitalizations and had somewhat prepared myself, but there are some things you can’t prepare for and there are some things no one warns you about when you are discharged from hospital...

7 Things Psychiatric Hospitals Cannot Do

For most people, the hospital for psychiatric distress is the only safe-haven for symptoms that have taken control of the individual (i.e., depression or anxiety symptoms, psychotic behaviors or delusions, traumatic stress, etc). But for a small segment of people in today’s society, the psychiatric hospital is still a whole lot worse than going to the hospital for a medical condition. Stigma has a lot to do with this.

Psych Ward Reviews

My project will help with giving people a platform to hold hospitals accountable, and make it clear that the system of using psych wards needs to be replaced by a system less prone to abuse and denial of agency. Psych Ward Reviews is just a blog. But it’s a blog that can make a difference.

Best Hospitals for Psychiatry

The 12 hospitals ranked in Psychiatry were recommended by at least 5% of the psychiatric specialists responding to U.S. News surveys in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Another 42 hospitals recommended by at least 1% of the respondents are listed alphabetically...

National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

NASMHPD will work with states, federal partners, and stakeholders to promote wellness, recovery, and resiliency for individuals with mental health conditions or co-occurring mental health and substance related disorders across all ages and cultural groups, including: youth, older persons, veterans and their families, and people under the jurisdiction of the court.

Western Psychiatric State Hospital Association

The Western Psychiatric State Hospital Association will serve as a model for regional collaboration, continuing to provide a forum both for the education of the executive management of state psychiatric hospitals and participation in the national debate on issues relevant to public hospital services.

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