Mental Health Crisis

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Mental Health Crisis
Mental Health Crisis

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The Next Pandemic: Mental Illness

With the society wide surge of mental disorder during the pandemic, the U.S. has arrived at a moment of reckoning for a policy failure that has run like an open hydrant since the deinstitutionalization movement of the 1970s emptied the mental hospitals. The solution was supposed to be outpatient “community care.” It never happened.

Andrew Scull, author of a just-published book on psychiatry’s struggle to address mental illness (“Desperate Remedies,” recently reviewed in these pages), wrote a devastating critique last year of how politics and medicine have failed the mentally ill...

With the incidence of disorders and suicides rising, there will be postmortems on the damage…

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  The Next Pandemic: Mental Illness

A longtime term for what the United States often did with the mentally ill is “warehousing.” Out of sight and out of mind. That is ending. They are everywhere—on the streets, in our homes, our schools and prisons. Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, America is overflowing with people suffering from a broad range of mental disturbance. Mental illness is the U.S.’s next pandemic.

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