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When There’s Stigma Among Friends

Over breakfast with my usual crew, conversations can vary widely. With as many as a dozen of us in attendance there’s bound to be something said that will prick up your ears. One such conversation involved a few friends who’d attended a meeting the night before. The event’s speaker related his story which they thought was disjointed and abstruse as he shifted rapidly from one topic to another. They couldn’t make sense of anything he’d said, and found it amusing. As they related their story, more of the morning’s diners payed attention to the comedic repartee.

Discussion of the speaker’s talking points continued into the parking lot after breakfast was finished. I was the last one to…

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 When There’s Stigma Among Friends

The culture has made some progress in the understanding and acceptance of others, but in matters of mental illness it lags behind. There still aren’t enough beds, still isn’t enough training, affordable medication and therapy, to help the many schizophrenics lost to the streets and left to fend off the demons in their minds on their own. I know this firsthand, so I talk about it.

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