Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life - Anne Roiphe


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Understanding How Grief Weakens the Body

English terms for emotional distress are often wrapped up in the language of physical maladies: Being heartsick, sick with grief, heartbroken. The Old English word for grief, heartsarnes, literally means soreness of the heart; heartacheoriginates from the Old English heortece, originally used to refer to heart disease. The words hurt and pain can apply equally to suffering of the mind or of the body.

In fact, medical knowledge suggests that our bodies already know what our words have long implied: that grief can, quite literally, sicken.

And now, new research may shed a little more light on part of the reason why. A study recently published in the journal Ageing and Immunity found…

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 Understanding How Grief Weakens the Body

Mourning permeates physical health in many ways. New research elaborates.

If you are here, you may be facing some of the most difficult times of your life and perhaps dealing with unfamiliar terrain that illness, death, grief and loss can bring with them. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources to help guide you through situations you may be facing. is an Internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss.

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