Psychiatry has known for quite some time that the ‘serotonin theory’ of depression, the notion that too little of the brain chemical can be a cause of depression, a decades-old hypothesis and deeply entrenched trope in society that helped promote a class of antidepressants,,, is wrong - Joel Paris.MD


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What SNRIs are and What They Do

SNRI drugs, just like any medication, do not work for everyone, but they are a promising treatment option for those who can take medication and prefer this treatment method. That being said, a review of 15 different studies found that 48.5 percent of patients achieved remission with SNRI drugs, meaning that these medications tend to work for about half of people who take them.

Suppose you have depression that does not respond to other treatments. In that case, SNRI medications may be a suitable option, but keep in mind that research also shows that when compared to the popular SSRI drugs, SNRIs are slightly more likely to create side effects that cause people to stop taking them.…

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