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Cyberchondriacs Just Know They Must Be Sick

One day after nursing her six-month-old baby, Colleen Abel developed an itchy red rash on her right breast. The cause was a mystery. Abel speculated that scratches left by her son while he fed might have gotten infected, or that bedbugs might have bitten her. The 36-year-old writer from Illinois opened her laptop and investigated her symptoms on Google. What she found shocked her. The first result blared inflammatory breast cancer, “and that scared me out of my mind,” Abel says. Other diagnoses such as dermatitis were far more likely, but Abel was convinced that a fast-growing malignancy was in her body. Before long, she was spending three to four hours every day reading about breast cancer…

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 Cyberchondriacs Just Know They Must Be Sick

Researchers are unraveling the psychological reasons why some people relentlessly self-diagnose themselves online for hours a day.

5 Ways to Tell if You Have Cyberchondria

New research shows that we’re all turning to online advice sources, though some more than others. Carrying your anxieties about your health onto your Internet search behavior may be a symptom that you’ve got the increasingly common ailment you won’t find diagnosed there: Cyberchondria.

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