Pyloric Stenosis

In my fog of mom of a newborn sleeplessness, I scoured the Internet looking for answers. Page after page offered tips for treating GERD and some even suggested other diagnoses. One of which, pyloric stenosis, stuck out - Jill Scott

Pyloric Stenosis

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Pyloric Stenosis in Babies: A Diagnosis That’s Not Hard to Swallow

Although as abnormalities go, pyloric stenosis is not that rare, no one really knows why some babies get it and most don’t. First-born male infants are more likely to have it, but then again, more babies are first-born males! We do know that’s it’s more common to have the condition if another family member has had it. And associations have been found with early antibiotic use (especially erythromycin, which might be used in early infancy to treat whooping cough) and with Moms smoking while pregnant.

OK, Then, Does YOUR Baby Have Pyloric Stenosis?

Physicians are generally taught to look for the most common diagnoses first before considering other options.…

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