Febrile Seizure

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Febrile Seizure

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My Toddler’s Fever Led to a Seizure — What You Should Know

Having a sick toddler: Is it harder on them or us? Obviously they’re the ones hurting. I know this. Yet as I watch my little pneumonia-ridden 2-year-old run around, laugh, giggle and cause her general ruckus, I have to wonder, as I rub my eyes and take a big, desperate gulp of black coffee.

We spent hours upon hours at the hospital last night with Abby, who was rocking a fever of 104° F. Normally, we wouldn’t go to the hospital at the onset of a fever. Kids get fevers. They’re normal, and letting them ride out a low-grade fever is supposed to be good for them. 

Not in this house. Not anymore. Specifically for my daughter. This past July, she had a low-grade fever which hadn’t…

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