Hand Sanitizers

Overall, the conclusion is that you are better off washing your hands with the classic soap and water - Grace Cooney

Hand Sanitizers
Hand Sanitizers

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It’s easier than ever to make hand sanitizer. But eased restrictions have come with consequences.

Weeks before the pandemic shut down the country, Robin Christenson woke up in the middle of the night. Initial fears about the virus had started to materialize, and she was worried. Then she came across an article about how there was a shortage of hand sanitizer. Christenson, one of the owners of Blinking Owl, a craft distillery in California, saw an opportunity for her businesses to grow.

“So the next day, I ran to work and I sat down with my head distiller and I said, ‘Can we make hand sanitizer?’” Christenson said.

In March, Americans panicked. They rushed to grocery stores, stockpiling everything from toilet paper to baking yeast, hoping to soothe their anxieties and…

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 It’s easier than ever to make hand sanitizer. But eased restrictions have come with consequences.

Toxic chemicals and odd smells have plagued some new hand sanitizers, but the demand isn’t going anywhere.

5 Hidden Dangers of Hand Sanitizers

But despite a world that is filthy with microbes, I will disarm like the health officials suggest, at the same time keeping in mind what Ronald Reagan said: Trust but verify. One sniffle, though, and I’m reloading.

8 reasons you will stop using hand sanitizers regularly

Are you addicted to using hand sanitizers? Well, here are eight reasons not to use it.

Does Hand Sanitizer Actually Work? A Disgusting Science Experiment

How to make your own hand sanitizer, test it, and scare yourself with this one easy trick.


FDA is advising importers, consignees, distributors, retailers and others not to distribute or sell certain hand sanitizers, even if the manufacturer of the product has not recalled it, due to the dangers of methanol or 1-propanol contamination, including death. The agency is maintaining a list of dangerous hand sanitizers, and recommends entities involved in distributing and selling hand sanitizers continuously check this list as it is being updated regularly.

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