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What Makes a Superfood?

Salmon has at times been touted as a cancer preventive. Many nutritionists praise the health benefits of blueberries, kale and cinnamon bark. How does a food get elevated from the grocery aisle to superfood status? One expert, Phil Hagen, a preventive-medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic's Healthy Living Program in Rochester, Minn., explains why there is more to food than a name.

Put a Label on It

The term superfood made its way into the popular lexicon about 15 years ago but there is no formal definition for it, says Dr. Hagen. "The term is often used to grab your attention or sell you something, so I would say, buyer beware," he says. "Even for foods that…

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 What Makes a Superfood?

The term superfood made its way into the popular lexicon about 15 years ago but there is no formal definition for it...

10 of the Most Affordable Superfoods

Have you heard the term “superfood” before? The concept of superfoods has been trending for a while over social media, but for good reason: they’re essentially foods that are more nutritionally power-packed per serving than regular fruits and veggies. From Acaí, to goji berries, to chia seeds, spirulina, and more, there are an array of incredible superfoods available to help you meet your needs no matter what you fancy — but they’re not always cheap.

7 Amazing Super Foods You Need to Know About

Lately, I’ve been seeking out ways to incorporate them into my daily diet and thought I would share some of my favorites with you. They can all be ordered online or bought directly from Whole Foods or an organic food store.

The 29 Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

Diets, working out and even surgeries have been some ways in which people have tried losing weight. However, one needs to realize that as long as they are consuming unhealthy foods, then weight will always be an issue for them. Hence, the need for one to take into consideration the fact that there are specific superfoods which they may easily be able to access in order for them to remain healthy and actually lose weight in the process.

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