Great Pacific Garbage Patch

It's really quite safe to say that it's worse than we thought - Boyan Slat

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Much Larger and Chunkier Than We Thought

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has received a lot of attention over the last couple decades. But for all the media coverage, researchers still didn't know a lot about it, until now. As Laura Parker reports for National Geographic, a new study takes a closer look at the trash and the results suggest it's a bit different than we imagined.

The patch contains around 79,000 metric tons of trash, making it four to 16 times larger than previously estimated. What’s more, it's made up of a surprisingly large percentage of sizable debris—and it's collecting incredibly fast.

First discovered in 1997, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was never a physical mass of objects, but rather…

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Last Updated : Thursday, July 18, 2019