Disposable Cups & Pollution

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Disposable Cups & Pollution

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Forget plastic straws. Starbucks has a cup problem

When plastic straws became a symbol of environmental destruction, Starbucks swiftly came up with a plan: Get rid of them.

The company redesigned its cold cup lids so they won’t require a straw at all. By 2020, Starbucks said, it will eliminate single-use plastic straws at its more than 29,800 locations around the world.

It was a remarkably quick fix, considering the company has spent 30 years trying to come up with a greener alternative to another object: its iconic paper cup.

Cups are Starbucks’ billboard. They’re a canvas for the Starbucks logo, for your order, your name and for cheerful graphics that signal the holidays are here. As long as they make customers…

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