Talcum Powder

Apart from feeling just a bit more sweaty, there are no known risks from avoiding talcum powder - and I'm a firm believer in better safe than sorry - Dr Sarah Jarvis

Talcum Powder

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Talcum Powder: Just How Much Risk Does It Pose?

Johnson & Johnson is a trusted name whose baby powder has long been a staple of many homes. The powder absorbs excess moisture and protects skin from chafing and irritating rashes. Women in particular use it as a part of feminine hygiene.

Now we are being told that this household item could be linked to cancer.

Johnson & Johnson just lost a huge lawsuit brought by the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer after years of using the product. The decision wasn’t actually based on hard evidence of a known link between talc and ovarian cancer, leading to a lot of confusion for consumers.

Baby powder’s main ingredient is talc — a natural product made of magnesium, silicon,…

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Last Updated : Thursday, October 8, 2020