If we're riding into a lithium powered future, a better risk management understanding is needed: especially related to handling crash scene cleanups, garage fires, and recycling center management - John Laumer


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The Risks in Hoverboards and Other Lithium-Ion Gadgets

There could be a bomb in your house, and you put it there.

In recent years, we have brought home a slew of new battery-powered devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, electronic cigarettes,electric cars, drones, hand-held vacuums and toys. But while we celebrate how these devices have improved our lives, we haven’t realized that many are also capable of exploding because of battery malfunctions.

At first, it was just the odd gadget erupting into flames, an anomaly of a single battery that may have been defective. But as of late, such malfunctions seem to be happening every week or so...But these instances can happen while airborne, too.


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Last Updated : Friday, August 23, 2019