Carbon Monoxide

The fact is that we tend, in general, to be too often too careless about carbon monoxide - Deborah Blum

Carbon Monoxide

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While You Were Sleeping

Here are some things we know about the too short life of Jeffrey Williams. That he liked to play both the violin and video games. That he liked to go fishing with his dad. That he was a dedicated member of the Northside Baptist Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina. That he liked to cuddle with his sister – a galaxy of photos at his memorial service testified to that.

That he died at age 11 this June in a Best Western hotel when carbon monoxide seeped into the room from a leaky pool heater. That his mother, who was with him, was also poisoned during a trip to visit his sister at a Boone, N.C. science camp. That she attended his memorial service in a wheel chair.


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