Household Toxins

You should not have to be a Ph.D toxicologist to be safe from so many of the chemicals in use. So much of what we are exposed to is poorly tested and even less regulated - Dr. Richard Jackson

Household Toxins

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What Poisons Are in Your Body?

Our bodies are full of poisons from products we use every day. I know – I’ve had my urine tested for them. But before I get into all that, let’s do a quick check for poisons that might be in your body...

Let me stress that mine should have been clean.

Almost a decade ago, I was shaken by my reporting on a class of toxic chemicals called endocrine disruptors. They are linked to cancer and obesity and also seemed to feminize males, so that male alligators developed stunted genitalia and male smallmouth bass produced eggs.

In humans, endocrine disruptors were linked to two-headed sperm and declining sperm counts. They also were blamed for an increase in undescended…

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