Heavy Metal Exposure

It's easy to believe that toxins are assaulting us on all fronts, but the worst toxins are often within. Worry is a toxin, envy is a toxin, self-loathing and fear and free-floating anxiety are all poisonous to our health - Anna Johnson

Heavy Metal Exposure

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Freaking out about heavy metals in your food? Here's what you should know

Heavy metals aren’t just something to avoid if you don’t like Black Sabbath. But while you’ve probably heard of this group of elements (and the dangers associated with ingesting them), you might not know why they’re such a worry to health experts.

This is all especially relevant given how many products we’re finding heavy metals in. Baby food is just the latest. Consumer Reports tested a variety of the top brands and found every product has measurable levels of at least one heavy metal, and two-thirds had worrisome levels. You should read their full report, but even the basic outline of their findings raises some questions. How much is a ‘worrisome’ amount? Where do these metals…

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