I am shocked, truly shocked. I was in Siberia a few weeks ago, and I am now just back in from the field in Alaska. The permafrost is melting fast all over the Arctic, lakes are forming everywhere and methane is bubbling up out of them - Katey Walter


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Cows -- Not Coal -- Are the Real Climate Change Culprits

President Obama recently likened denying climate change to believing the moon is made of cheese. As it turns out, ignoring this particular food's role in climate change is just as irresponsible. Getting serious about climate change would mean finally addressing the gorilla - or, more appropriately, the cow -- in the room. If you really care about the environment, you'd leave the cheese -- and all meat and dairy products for that matter -- off your plate.

By some estimates, the meat and dairy industry is responsible for up to half of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions -- contributing more to climate change than even coal-fired power plants. Trying to regulate climate change…

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