West Africa’s indigenous superfood is coming back from obscurity and making an appearance on the world stage -James Courtright


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Fonio — a new “superfood” from Africa (but remember whose crop it is)

It’s become nearly as predictable as night following day. Every couple of years or so we can count on being blitzed by a batch of headlines claiming this or that nut or leaf or fruit or vegetable is the world’s new “superfood.” It’s happened with kale, avocados, sweet potatoes, blueberries, quinoa, you name it. Now, the headlines tell us it’s about to happen to an ancient grain from Africa called fonio.

Now I’m not about to dispute that fonio is a wonderful food. In fact, it’s something I’ve been saying for years, ever since friends in Mali introduced me to this special grain, the oldest cereal in Africa. In recent years, the renowned Senegalese food writer and chef Pierre Thiam has…

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Last Updated : Saturday, April 10, 2021