Tapeworm Diet

Those sorts of weight-loss methods are extremely dangerous, and if you're thinking about them you should look for help - Mike Pearl

Tapeworm Diet

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Still can't lose weight? There's always the tapeworm diet

Ahhh, the quest for the perfect weight loss diet—the one that lets you eat and shed pounds...There’s the Paleo diet —eat meat like a cave man! And the Mediterranean diet —eat vegetables like a peasant! And the grapefruit diet —eat like a Florida farmer!

There used to be more daring choices. Like the tapeworm egg diet. That’s right, a program that told you to swallow tapeworm eggs and lose weight.

In the early 20th century, marketers began selling this program to what were then called “fleshy people” under brand names like “Lard-B-Gone.” Sanitized tapeworm eggs delivered what they promised. You got rid of pounds without exercise, dieting, surgery, or dangerous…

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